Kashi of the hills: Mandi

Among the trinity of Hindu Pantheon, Lord Shiva seems to have had a special affection for the people of Mandi, since he has an abode in more than 80 temples here. Mandi, literal meaning ‘market’, has been a great trading center in Beas River valley since the times merchandise like food grains, salt, precious stones, gold, silver … Continue reading “Kashi of the hills: Mandi”

Top four places to eat in Mandi and around, HP, India

  Raj Mahal Palace At an arms distance form MH-21, and right in the middle of the city of Mandi, you are sure to be recommended to visit this joint, on asking the locals. It’s an old palace that is situated away from the noise and the crowds in the city. It has a well … Continue reading “Top four places to eat in Mandi and around, HP, India”

Mandi Shivratri Festival – When Over 200 Deities Gather in a Himalayan Town

The town of Mandi is once again ready to transform into grandeur of celebration with the Mandi Shivratri Festival beginning from the 10th of March this year. A seven day festival, it invites over 200 gods and goddesses from hundreds of temples located in Mandi and Kullu Valley, to participate in the big celebration. The … Continue reading “Mandi Shivratri Festival – When Over 200 Deities Gather in a Himalayan Town”

The Seraj Region of Kullu and Mandi

Scattered wilderness, buy cialis meditative silence and the sheer raw beauty of the Seraj region quenches the travelers thirst for a quiet mountain holiday. The magic of this region is not just from its scenic landscape but the warmth – hospitality of the local people makes an equally memorable impression. Just Seraj belongs to the … Continue reading “The Seraj Region of Kullu and Mandi”

Parshar Lake, Mandi – Perfect Weekend Destination

The deep blue water of the lake is full of ripples, on surface. The lake seems to be enchanted by the architecture and calmness of a Pagoda styled temple standing by the side, surrounded by the snow peaked mountains. It is impossible to completely describe the beautiful Parashar Lake and chalk out an image in … Continue reading “Parshar Lake, Mandi – Perfect Weekend Destination”