12 Major Bird species visiting Pong Dam in 2012

Pong Dam Birds Types

Pong Dam is a popular destination among the migratory birds as well as the tourists across the world. If you are fond of ‘shooting’ birds, the Pong Dam wetland is the best place for you. Photography enthusiasts call it ‘Photography Heavens’ of Himachal Pradesh. In the current season, starting from November 2012, more than 1,50,000 birds are expected to arrive from across the world.

Pong Dam Birds Types

TheOKTravel gives a list of 12 most popular migratory birds of the Pong Dam Wetland with their major characteristics listed. It will help you in identifying these birds while ‘shooting’ them.

Pong Dam Migratory Birds

Click on our Image Gallery to see images of each of the birds listed above.



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