5 English songs that capture the spirit of travelers

Music is believed to be the most suitable escort of wanderlust. There are countless songs that stir up feelings of adventure travel within the hearts of people as soon as such songs reverberate in ears. Within minutes, a wanderer finds himself cuddled up in the embrace of nature.

Here is a list of 5 English songs that depict a traveler’s free spirit –

1. Katmandu: The song “Katmandu” by Cat Stevens is gem of a song; rarest of the rare. The song describes the constant urge of the singer to revisit the place for revoking his spirit of travel and drink up the unrivaled splendor of the town. The song is a must listen just in case you have lost the feel of the cord for some time.

2. Proud Mary: There are some songs that coerce the listener to pick up his backpack and zip up the travelling shoes in search of a virgin territory for a refreshing experience. Proud Mary – the classic rock song by Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) fuels a feeling of kicking away the busy urbane life and taking a tranquil ride over a river.

3. Time to move on: The song by Tom Petty describes the general perception that our surroundings are too static or dull to simulate or support the human growth. There is always a time in the life of a person when the inner-self accepts that it is the time to move

on and gamble out in the wild, all alone. The song marvelously portrays the sentiment.

4. The world at large: A celebrated composition by Modest Mouse, the song describes the surge of “itchy feet” feeling in a person with the change in seasons. Just as in case of migratory birds flying across countries and even continents, humans too feel the awakening of souls with the change in seasons. They need to be at newer places to rekindle the love, wisdom and compassion covered by the dust of routine.

5. The river: Garth Brooks is very articulate and voluble in composition of the song “The River” where he mentions that adventurous people in the world move against the tide unlike those who are content to sit on the shorelines away from all the action. The joy in dancing in the rapid falls and swimming against the water current in the lap of nature is consummate and supreme.

Sail, swim, ride, walk & climb – home is, where the heart is. If you don’t feel fresh, energetic and grateful to everything you have anymore – it’s about time you leave the comfort zone and go out on an adventure trip.

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