A Pleasant Surprise: Mohan Heritage Park, Solan

Mohan Shakti Trust Solan

On your way towards Shimla, Solan goes unnoticed. Not many travellers find Solan interesting except for the Timber Trail Hotel or the Destination Hotel at Kandaghat. And because these two hotels are luxury hotels, not everyone gets a chance to step foot inside.

While returning from Shimla, memories of evening walks through Shimla take over. Solan remains unnoticed again. As such there is nothing like Shimla in Solan; no Church, not the tallest Hanuman Statue of the Country, not even a picturesque railway station.

However, you just need to pay attention. There is one of the finest Heritage Parks of the Country coming up in Solan, a privately owned affair, beautiful nevertheless.

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is an upcoming heritage park aimed at studying the Vedic Sciences and educate the younger generation about the findings of the Vedas and ancient Indian Culture. National Heritage Park is located at Shakti Sthal on NH 22 between Kalka and Shimla 7 Kms from Solan Brewery in Himachal Pradesh. One has to take diversion from Salogada to Ashwini Khud at Shakti Sthal. The park is located at the ‘Hart Village’ , 7 kilometers from the Shimla-Kalka National Highway.

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Entrance Gate, Mohan Shakti Trust
Mohan Shakti Trust Solan
Mohan Shakti Trust, Solan

The man behind this Heritage Park is a retired Brigadier of Indian Army. Mr. Kapil Mohan (PadamShree) has put efforts, money, and energy to construct this heritage park on the banks of the Ashwini Khadd, a small rivulet that meets the water requirements of the Solan Town. Other than Brigadier Mohan, Jaipal Singh Datta is the key man who is taking care of the construction business at the Park site. They envisioned to create a place where Vedic Sciences can be studied and developed to help humanity to understand law of Nature.

Those who have seen the Akshardham Temple in Delhi will find the Heritage Park influenced from the architecture of the temple in Delhi. However, the greenery around the Heritage Park is something which is not seen in Delhi, or anywhere else except Himachal for that matter.

On the mountain facing the heritage park is the Kali Ka Tibba temple, a paradise in the wilderness. It is not possible to see the Heritage Park from the main road (Shimla-Kalka Highway) and one has to go down 6 kilometers from the main road to catch the first glimpse of the Heritage Park.

Huge statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are spread across the park. There are elephants, deer, monkeys, trees that look like original but are artificial, made of POP. The artistic work is brilliant and until you touch these statues, you cannot tell if the animal is real or virtual.

The construction work is under progress and one is not allowed to enter inside the main temple premises. You can however take a walk around, click photographs from outside, and enjoy the calmness of the nature at the Mohan Heritage Park.

And the Heritage Park team calls it the Eighth Wonder of the World, and rightly so because never before in Himachal Pradesh, a heritage park of such magnitude has been constructed.

Who can come : All are welcome. However, the road is narrow and steep. If you cannot drive downhill on a narrow road, avoiding driving by yourself.

Parking : Ample parking space available within the Mohan Shakti Heritage Park (as of December 2012)

Wear walking shoes and carry lots of drinking water. Although there is a rivulet flowing close by, but that is not the best way to quench your thirst. Covering for head for protection from the sun is a must.

How to Reach?

Just six kilometers before the Salogra Railway Station, you have to take a left turn. A board is placed on the left hand side while coming from the Shimla side. Six kilometers down, on the banks of the Ashwini Khadd, the Mohan Heritage National Park is located.

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  1. vinod sharma

    i had just seen it ,it is very good work to do something for our indian culture

  2. Mukesh Duggal

    I love this place
    Execllent work



  4. digvijay Kaith

    good place to see ,having gr8 art done on indian deities and also on wild animals.

  5. Pankaj sharma

    Nice place to visit all the peoples are welcome there……peaceful place…..

  6. pawan

    Visited yesterday alongwith my family. Though the serpentine narrow road threatened many a times,first glimpse ws like falling in love at first sight. Splendid place. The inside hall is majestic, architecture is superb. The greenry around is soothing. I have little religious inclination but find the place a must visit to be one with nature. Good that it is is secluded from the mainpath otherwise it will be soon turn into environmental hazard.

  7. Ram Niwas Nagpal

    Visited recently. A great place to visit with family and friends. Virtually it is a temple of Maa Durga. All Idols of Hindu Gods seems speaking. The inside hall is a big one.One can find himself there in peace cool and calm. Inside photography may be allowed like being allowed in ‘Angrezon Ka Mandir’ at Vrindavan. A place worth seeing.
    Ram Niwas Nagpal

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