Asin shoots in Shimla in high fever, for All is Well

Asin, a well known actress from down south and has been shooting in Shimla since quite some days. The crew and cast has been here for the shooting for the movie All is Well, directed by Umesh (2)

The weather in the hills is very unpredictable and a sudden down pour first caught a member of her help staff unaware. Later, she caught the infection from him and came down with high fever.

But despite the running fever the leading lady turned up for the shoot each and every day. As a gesture of kindness she even allowed the sick staff member to take a break from work and rest. Bollywood escapades are filled with stories of leading actresses throwing tantrums on the set and giving the producers and directors

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a run for their money. Such a kind thought took all by surprise and the director and his crew was thoroughly impressed by her professional attitude.

Asin PIC03

Asin is known for not fussing about things and to behave most ladies like at all times. But this is not something new; the tabloids are filled with the huge amount of charity and philanthropy work that she undertakes at such a young age.

Besides running a school for the lesser privileged and supporting the education of quite a few poor students, she regularly donates a significant part of her income to various charities.

In this upcoming movie we look forward to seeing her in new and different looks as promised by the director.

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