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The Pong Dam Wetland is one such place where a group of temples are submerged in water. Come summers, ampoule and they disappear in the dam, not leaving even a single trace behind. No one can say if they exist or not.

These temples are called ‘Bathu Di Ladi‘, where Ladi means a series of temples.

One can reach these temples from the Talwara/Pong Dam site and Nagrota Surian wetland. From Talwara to the Temple Site, the total distance is approximately 50 Kilometers. The road is wide and open with minimum traffic. One needs to drive only for 10-15 Kilometers on the dirt road.

A little walk and there you see the temples in the water.

Submerged Temples in Pong Dam

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The Lost Temples, as seen in January.

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