Collegedunia: An Updated Source on Admissions to Over 15,000 Colleges

With hundreds of professional colleges in India, vialis 40mg producing lakhs of engineers, doctors and managers every year, students are in dire straits during the admission season when it is time to pick the right college.

College Admissions

In the heat of the pressure, parents and students fill up endless admission forms for colleges and institutes that range from excellent to average.

Many of them find that college websites don’t provide adequate information about admission procedures. Their fee structures are outdated, no information is available on new courses and many other loop holes complicate a student’s choice for the most suitable colleges.

Collegedunia, an online educational portal that has been recently set up in August 2014, is here to end such student dilemmas. It aspires to bridge the gap of information and provide students with a clear picture about institutes they aspire to be part of.

Having a highly interactive user interface, the website features up-to-date and most relevant data on professional colleges and universities in India and abroad.

Collegedunia is currently backed with a repository of 15,000 colleges having 6,000 courses, which have been diligently categorized into different streams under Management, Engineering, Medical, Law and others. By the end of 2014, this repository on institutes will stretch to include a total of 30,000 colleges.

Collegedunia caters to the needs of students by providing detailed guidelines about admission procedures to different colleges.

A dedicated team of 10 is constantly updating the website with information related to admission dates, availability of application forms, fees, admission criteria, placements and others.

Students can filter colleges based on location, ratings, rankings, fees and placement records for different courses.

Both parents and students, seeking relevant information on different colleges will be able to benefit from the online portal. Just the way you compare mobile prices and features online, it will be possible to compare and institutes in a similar manner, highly convenient and time saving.

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