Dodital Lake in Uttarakhand – A Trout Fishing Destination

Dodital Lake in Winters
Dodital Lake in Winters| Image Credits: NAFE RAM YADAV

The Dodital Lake is a fresh water lake situated at a height of 9921 feet above the sea level. Adorning the beautiful Himalayas in the state of Uttranchal, treat the lake is often visited for its tranquil environs and trout fishing.

It fact the lake derives its name from the rare Himalayan trout called Dodi in local language. The lake is a pleasant visit for all nature lovers and trekkers.

The lake is not just a place of tourism, viagra order but also holds religious importance. According to Hindu Mythology, treat this is the birth place of Lord Ganesh. Many scriptures call it the Dhundhital, literally meaning Ganesh Ka Tal (Ganesha Pond).

There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh on the banks of the river.

This is the reason why the place has acquired great religious importance, and numerous pilgrims from Uttar Kashi visit the place throughput the year. The lake region is sparsely populated, with only a few villagers running small errands in and around the lake region.

The lake is fed by the natural springs, which are also the water source of the river Asi Ganga. The circumference of the lake is about 1.5 km and is surrounded by a dense forest of deodar trees on all four sides.

Dodital Lake in Uttarakhand
Dodital Lake in Uttarakhand | Image Credits –

 In close vicinity is the Darwa Top from one can gets the most spectacular view of the all the surrounding peaks.

Trekkers coming here can have the time of their life. The trek starts from Kalyani, which can be reached by a 7 hour drive from Haridwar.

Kudos to Volunteers Who Cleaned Up Dodital Lake Trails
Kudos to Volunteers Who Cleaned Up Dodital Lake Trails

A trek of six days, travelers, will pass through Agoda and Sangam Chatti, from where the lake is 22 km. Travelers wanting to stay overnight at the lake can choose to put up at the Forest Rest House. Also, a few small huts around the lake are also available for hiring for the night.

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