Get Lost in the Wilderness at Bhrigu Lake in Himachal

Maharishi Bhrighu, the father of Vedic Astrology.

Located at an altitude of around 4, cure vialis 40mg 300 meters from the sea level, decease Bhrigu Lake in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is beautifully nestled in the lap of Mother Nature. Ever year, Bhrigu Lake is visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists.

Bhrigu Lake - Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature
Bhrigu Lake – Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature

For nature lovers, Bhrigu Lake and its surrounding areas present a perfect opportunity to get lost in the wilderness. A tranquil ambiance prevails all over at this place. The monotony of the day to day life, stress and noise are left far behind before even before a tourist nears the lake. The journey through mountains, gushing water streams, gouges, oak forests and orchards is pleasant and immensely rewarding for everyone looking to see and taste the wilderness.

The lake is situated in the east of Rohtang Pass, gateway to Lahaul Valley. The lake serves as a transient stopping point for trekkers and hikers as many arduous treks have it on the way. During June-July every year, trekkers and other adventure enthusiasts can be spotted camping around the lake. Before scaling towering high mountains covered in snow, they spend several hours relaxing on Bhrigu Lake’s shores. The meadow on which the lake is situated serves as a great base-camp and that’s how this beautiful lake got exposed to foreign travelers in the area.

The lake in Himalayas and the surrounding area offer splendid views of snowlines, valleys and green meadows. The journey to the lake in itself is exciting and somewhat challenging. A traveler’s paradise,

The lake derives its name from a famous Indian saint Bhrigu. He is considered as the father of Vedic Astrology System. It is believed that he meditated at this place for hundreds of years, making it sacred for every Hindu.

Maharishi Bhrighu, the father of Vedic Astrology.
Maharishi Bhrighu, the father of Vedic Astrology.

According to scriptures, the foundation document of the Indian Astrology System, Bhrigu Samhita was written here.  The place finds its mention in several scriptures of the Vedic Age. It is due to this reason that residents of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh hold Bhrigu Lake as very sacred.

The legend is that various deities of Himachal Pradesh take a dip in the holy water of Bhrigu Lake every year. The Guru Vashisht, a famous deity and Vedic saint too is believed to travel all the way from Manali to the lake frequently for sacred bath.

There are no human settlements on Bhrigu Lake’s shores. The splendid views offered by this high altitude lake and prevailing ambiance are simply indescribable in words and therefore, carrying a binocular and camera is highly recommended.

Many people approach the lake via Vashisht Temple in Manali, a world famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Another trek to reach the lake is from Gulaba, a village surrounded by dense forests of high-altitude oak trees. The trek from Gulaba to Bhrigu Lake is more popular as it is less difficult and offers spectacular views of Kullu Valley, widely believed to be the land of gods.

Hidden like a precious jewel in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Bhrigu Lake atop a green meadow is much like an amphitheater, a traveler’s paradise. A visitor is pleasantly surprise when the lake appears magically before his eyes while ascending the mountains.

Since the lake is located at a very high altitude, it can be visited only when the snow melts in April or May. It is advisable not to plan a visit to Bhrigu Lake without a trained guide. Without the help of a local resident or trained guide, getting lost on the way is easy. Tourists planning to visit this lake should be physically fit and prepared to combat slight altitude sickness en-route Bhrigu Lake.


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