Himachal cuisines declared winner at International Chef Meet

Shimla: Beating favorites, order Nand Lal Sharma, story the chief chef at Hotel Holiday Home, hospital the flagship hotel of Himachal Tourism beat chefs of star rated hotels from across the country by serving up traditional Himachali cuisines at an International Chef Meet held recently at Chandigarh. Chefs meet

Himachal ChefRegional cuisines from Punjab, Awadh, Hyderabad and others were in competition with Siddu (a steam cooked stuffed burger) Bathu Ki Kheer, Sepu Vadi, Indra, Chaah Meat and other foods that are traditionally cooked in various regions of Himachal Pradesh.

Known chefs from five star hotels in India and other countries participated in the meet.

Speaking about Himachali cuisine scoring over others in the regional category, Nand Lal Sharma said, “many who tried the traditional Himachali foods for the first time, came back asking for more.”

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