Ice Skating sessions start again in Shimla

After clouds played party-pooper last week, Ice Skating rink in Shimla is opened again for the morning skating sessions. However, evening sessions are yet to be started.

Ice Skating, Shimla

The Municipal Corporation had to take down the red balloon tethered to the top of the roof of the building after clouds forced the authorities to discontinue the skating sessions in Shimla.

Red Balloon, which acts as a signal, as it has for decades that Asia’s oldest ice skating rink in this hill town was open. The Red balloon is up again and one can see tourists skating at the rink in the morning sessions. The plans to organize the 9th Winter Carnival Games in Shimla now depend on the weather conditions in the state. Shimla today received its first snowfall of the season, which is a welcome sign for Ice Skating games in Shimla.

Ice Skating charges in Shimla:

For Adults (Above 16 Years) : INR 1500 Per Session

For Kids (Below 16 years) : INR 750 per session



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