Jhatingri – Weekend Gateway for a traveler wanting anonymity

Ghatasani - Entrance to Chuhar Valley

Used by the former rulers as their summer resort, diagnosis Jhatingri the fascinating spot atop a hill is one of the lesser-known destinations in the state. The traveler wanting anonymity and seeking a refreshing break from the routine of packaged holidays can visit this virgin and unspoilt place.

Situated on the Ghogar Dhar of Mandi district at an elevation of 6,600 feet, Jhatingri is easily accessible. At Ghatasani on the Mandi – Jogindernagar highway a branching road steadily rises through terraced fields and thick deodar trees to the ridge. Jhatingri is only 5 kms from the main highway.

The remains of the summer palace of the former rulers of Mandi state tell tales of bygone days, A PWD rest house is available for accommodation. One can enjoy the clear Himalayan air free of intrusions – mail, telephones and pollution.

The breathtaking view of the valley spreads before you and the distant Dhauladhars are temptation enough. Beautiful cedar and blue pine forest in the vicinity, with a great profusion of ferns and wild flowers are ideally suited for treks, walks and camping. Bird watchers and wildlife lovers will find it especially enjoyable.

Ghatasani - Entrance to Chuhar Valley
Ghatasani – Entrance to Chuhar Valley
View from the Tikken Bridge

The road from Jhatingri through the hamlet Tikkan goes onto Barot. Raja Joginder Sen a former ruler of Mandi, after whom Jogindernagar is named set up a hydel power plant way back in 1925. (One of the first ventures of its kind)

The PWD rest house here has good accommodation. Colonel Battye’s cottage the engineer, who laid the power project, is also at Barot. A trout-breeding center here keeps the river well stocked and anglers will find the 30kms long section of the river ideal for fishing.

Across the Uhl river lies the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. Through the woods at Thaltukhod and Silh-Budhani, a trek route over the Bhubu Pass leads into the Kullu valley.

Being promoted as a new destination the tourism department has acquired land at Jhatingri and is inviting entrepreneurs to set up tourism related ventures. Presently known only to those who travel along lesser-known roads both Jhatingri and Barot are ideal retreats.

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