Nature does love those who care about it


Nature by most, tadalafil is taken for granted that it is there to be used, enjoyed and exploited in order to fulfill all our selfish needs. There have been numerous instances when humans have destroyed fragile eco systems. Nature does strike back as it did last summer in Uttarakhand.

Those living in river valleys in defiance of natural drainage flow systems in Uttrakhand had to face the full fist of nature’s fury first hand. Swollen flash floods swept out thousands of people and damaged property worth several thousand crores. Wrath of the gods was manifest in the devastating floods, largely because of man’s own undoing of the fragile mountain eco-systems.

All need not be lost in such a way. Small baby steps taken by each and every citizen consciously can restore nature for it has tremendous ability to regenerate itself. Responsible tourism should not become an article to be read in travel magazines, while you have time to spare. Instead, it should be an honest effort, by all and sundry to take ownership of your environment.


The government’s does work in close coordination with NGO’s to save and conserve the environment. From time to time laws are changed. Faced with having to save precious environment from heaps of garbage dumped in polythene bags, laws were enacted and a drive to banish them was launched.

The results have been very encouraging as awareness spread. Today there are fewer people using polythene bags as Himachal Pradesh was the first state in the country to ban usage of the environmentally offensive material.

Ever larger numbers of tourists visiting eco sensitive areas pose a threat of their own and it needs to be controlled. Mountain designations have a limited carrying capacity. Number of vehicles allowed into the eco fragile regions has to be regulated lest vehicular pollution damages the habitat. Care of involving local people in all ‘Go Green’ initiatives has to recognized for it would only succeed with and by their efforts.

The message about caring for a clean and green environment has to be inculcated from grass root levels, involving children and educational institutions, so as to sensitize and spread awareness about the needs of conserving it for future generations.

Children and youth are known to champion the cause of change in any society. Being taught simple things like using a dust bin, not littering the streets, keeping your home clean, will most certainly lead to cleaner cities and eventually to a cleaner state. Use of plastic should be minimized and recycling should be encouraged.

When visiting a new place, respect the surroundings and its flora and fauna. Educate yourself by gathering information about the place and sharing it with others. Take charge and do not leave behind a garbage trail. Do direct others also to not litter the place.

In India – ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, Guest is like a God, is embedded in the culture itself. Behave responsibly while partaking in the local customs and traditions. Environmentalists and nature conservationists are already grappling with grave issues like global warming, melting glaciers and rising pollution levels. All of us need to contribute our bit to improve the situation and not add to it.

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