Reaching Masroor Temples in Kangra

Rock Cut Masroor Temples Nagrota Surian

The rock cut wonders of Masroor are an example of our rich heritage. These temples are monolithic, carved out of one single rock. It is believed that these temples were constructed by the Paandavs (Mahabharat times) during their exile.

A close look at these temples will surprise you because of the carvings marked on its walls and the neatness with which they have been carved. It is one of the protected monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). There are a total of 15 temples that stand close to each other.

A water reservoir rests in front of the temples and on a sunny day, one can see clear reflection of these temples in the water, which looks like a scene from a 3D animation movie, such is the beauty of this place.

Those on the pilgrimage circuit of Jwalamuki, Chitpurni, and Kangra often miss out a shrine awesome in scale but less revered because of the condition it has been for long. These are the famous rock cut temples of Masroor. These temples remained hidden from public eye for long till the government connected the hill top temple by road. It’s the only one of its kind in northern India

Rock Cut Masroor Temples Nagrota Surian

The main shrine (GarbhGriha) contains idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Goddess Sita. The view of snow clad Dhauladhar ranges is amazing from the temple premises.

The Legend
The legend says that ‘Bheem‘ and his allies constructed this temple to please the local deities. The temple is monolithic in its construction and is carved out of a big rock. Popularly these temples are called rock-cut temple. The earthquake of 1905, that destroyed the Kangra Fort didn’t leave this temple and it was badly damaged.
The State Tourism Department has taken steps to keep a check on further deterioration of this temple. You can see barbed wires and railings at different positions to safeguard the temple premises. Retrofitting works are also being carried to support the ailing structural components of the temple.
Masroor Festival: The State Government organized the first Masroor Festival in December 2011 last year. The Tourism Department intends to celebrate this festival every year in the month of December towards the end of the year
How to Reach Masroor?
Coming to the most important aspect of your journey to Masroor Tempples, how to reach there. Masroor Temples lie close to the famous Pong Dam Wetland and the Kangra Temple. However, one has to leave the National Highway to reach there and that’s where most of travelers miss this beautiful place.
How To Reach Masroor Temples


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