Rewalsar – A Tranquil Oasis, Land of Seven Lakes

Padamsambhava Statue Rewalsar Lake

A tranquil town located in the district Mandi of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Rewalsar is one of the few all-in-one pilgrimage destinations. People of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhism faiths

highly revere the Rewalsar Lake and the place itself. That’s the reason why this place is also known as TriSangam.

The literal meaning of the word TriSangam is ‘Meeting Point of Three Communities.’

The giant 37.5 m or 123 ft. high statue of PadamSambhava, a famous Indian yogi and Buddhist spiritual Master overlooks the Rewalsar Lake from a distance. His meditative glance seems to be falling upon everyone in this beautiful Himalayan town. The big statue dominates the beautiful landscape of Rewalsar. The Tibetan name of Rewalsar is Tsopema. Many Buddhists in Himachal Pradesh still know Rewalsar by that name.

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Padamsambhava Statue Rewalsar Lake
Padamsambhava Statue Overlooking Rewalsar Lake

Religious Importance of Rewalsar

Buddhism: The legend is that Buddhist Spiritual Figure PadamSambhava went to Tibet to preach Buddhism from Rewalsar itself. Before he left, he married a local princess, daughter of the King of Mandi. Several temples and monuments in district Mandi are dedicated to the divine couple. The two most important monasteries located here are the Drikung Kadyud Gompa and Tso-Pema Ogyen Heru-kai Nyingmapa Gompa.

Hinduism: The Rewalsar Pilgrimage destination is also known as the land of 7 lakes because there are a total of seven lakes in the area. If a tourist has sufficient time, he or she can check each one of them! Some of the nearby attractions include Naina Devi Temple on hill top and Sarkidhaar (where 7 lakes are located). The Skanda Purana (an ancient Hindu scripture) mentions Rewalsar as the abode of Sage Lomus. He is said to have meditated and found God in Rewalsar. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared in front of Lomus and told him about the secrets of the place where he was meditating.

Sikkhism: Sri Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th spiritual master of Sikhs came to Rewalsar several hundred years ago. At that time, he was fighting against the Mughal tyranny. In order to gather support against Aurangzeb, a cruel Mughal King, he chose Rewalsar as a place of meeting with various kings of Hill states. A Gurudwara was built in Rewalsar by King Joginder Sen in 1930.

Domestic and foreign pilgrims come to Rewalsar to make prayers according to their faith or just immerse in the tranquil atmosphere. Several lamas, Sikhs and others can be spotted meditating in the region.

And there is a zoo close by as well!

How to reach?

Located at an altitude of 1360m, Rewalsar can be reached via Ner Chowk, Sunder Nagar or Mandi. It is about 25 Kilometers from Nerchowk as well as Mandi. From Nerchowk, one needs to hit the Nerchowk-Una State Highway – 32 and take a turn at Kalkhar and hit the MDR. A short five kilometer drive will land you in Rewalsar.

One is welcomed by a huge statue of Lord Padamsabhava at the entrance itself.

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