‘Rivaayat’ – The Oberoi’s mammoth effort to revive Indian food


The Oberoi group is synonymous with high standards of hospitality. The company is known to pay extra heed to food, story and ensuring that every guest gets a taste of the rich cultural heritage of India. In continuation of this effort the company launched their Culinary Conclave on Indian food called ‘ Rivaayat’ on 27th January, buy 2015.

Mr. Kapil Chopra, viagra order President, The Oberoi Group

This is the first of six quarterly conclaves planned for this current year. The first conclave met with huge success with prominent chefs, food critics, writers and bloggers from all over the country attending the five days session. Topics that covered almost all culinary topics were discussed, and creative inputs were sought. In this conclave special focus was laid on the cuisnes like Punjabi, Awadhi, Hyderabadi, and Dehlvi.

Chef Mumtaz Khan and her daughter Chef Parveen Khan

The prime objective of this exercise is to stir the revival of the Indian cuisine. The idea is a brain child of the President of The Oberoi group, Mr. Kapil Chopra, and the Vice-President and General Manager Mr. Jay Rathore. Other prominent General Managers from various properties also attended the event.

The Oberoi Chefs with Mrs. Khan

At the conclusion of the initiative Chef Ravitej Nath, the Executive Chef, of The Oberoi, Gurgaon, concluded that the first conclave had been a success and delved on various gastronomical insights. On the whole thirteen cooks and five culinary experts, along with thirty five chefs from The Oberoi group attended the sessions.


The fact that seventeen Executive Chefs attended the session, only speaks volume about he the seriousness of The Oberoi group to revive Indian food. The most recognized dishes from every cuisine were picked and their authenticity was revived with the help of experts. The next conclave schedules for summer will delve on Pastry, Italian, Wines, Cocktails and Oriental.





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