Ruddy Breasted Crake lands at Pong Dam, 417 species so far!

The overall tally of the species of birds landing at the Pong Dam is 417 now, with Ruddy Breasted Crake being the new entrant in the list. Ruddy Crake is usually seen in the North Eastern India. This is for the first time that Ruddy Crake has been spotted at the Pong Dam Wetland.

Ruddy Breasted Crake was spotted at the Sansarpur Terrace village, 6 kilometers from the Pong Dam. Although only bird is spotted by the officials as yet, more are expected to arrive in the coming days.

Last year, Falcated Teal or Duck was the new entrant in the list. With these two birds being spotted at the wetland, the overall tally of the species stands at 417.

Ruddy Breated Crake, Pong Dam
Falcated Teal Duck, Pong Dam

As of December 23, bar headed goose, little cormorant, and common teal are the major species that have landed at the Pong Dam. The overall tally of the birds currently stands at 81,000, which is expected to rise in the month of January.

The Forest Department intends to mark these birds by using bird tracking technology, which involves fitting GPS transmitters on the birds. Last year too GPS tracking of birds was done but as of now, none of those birds have returned to the Pong Dam Wetland.

This year bird count at the Pong Dam is expected to cross the 150,000 mark.

The Falcated duck is mainly found in the East Asian region. Russia is one of the major breeding grounds of Flacated Duck. On the other hand, Ruddy Breasted Crake is mostly found in India, Japan, and China.

At the Pong Dam Wetland, migratory birds come from all over the world and it is one of the most beautiful bird watching sites in the country.

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