Suchetgarh and Chamliayl Border Posts: New J&K tourist Destinations!

Jammu and Kashmir is famous across the world for obvious reasons; one of them is Kashmir and Tourism (both of them are paired together). The other one is Indo-Pak border. To make border and tourism sound equally pleasant, cure the J&K Tourism Department is coming up with two new tourist destinations, malady both close to the Indo-Pak border.

Suchetgarh Border Post, capsule Jammu DIstrict

One of these spots is Suchetgarh border post, which is to be developed as a tourism spot by the state tourism department.  The Suchetgarh Border post is 35 km from the main Jammu town. The other post is at Chamliayl, which is at a distance of 55 kilometers from the main Jammu town. Suchetgarh lies in the Jammu district, where as the Chamliayl post lies in Samba District, which is considered a sensitive border area.

Suchetgarh Post served as the route to Sialkot during the pre-partition era, which is just 11 kms from the post. On the other side of the border post lies a spectacular Banyan Tree, which is as old as 100 years.

The Tourism Department intends building of tourist facilitation centers, restaurants, flower stalls, and view decks at both the border posts. A Radha-Krishan temple and Peer Baba Ziarat may come up at the Suchetgarh post in near future.

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