The magic of rains in the hills.


Raining on The Mall, Shimla

Simla looks prettiest in the rains, is what most of us agree to readily. The mist between the hills, the vibrant green all around, manages to lift the spirits of all and sundry.The rain also has  a  personality of its own, it wont warn you in the morning and catch you by surprise in the afternoon. An after lunch shower seems to have been decided by the rain Gods, everyday this year.


After a downpour in the  afternoon
After a downpour in the afternoon

It comes down pouring cats and dogs and vanishes after thirty minutes or so. All said and done the hills come alive in the monsoons. And every nook and corner, has a nature’s surprise waiting for you. Enjoy till it lasts.

These amazing pictures have been taken by Nikhil Chauhan , an aspiring photographer and travel enthusiast from Shimla.


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