Top 4 Spa Resorts in Himachal Pradesh

Spas in Himachal Pradesh

The beckoning of the Himalayas is an inner most urge which most of us have felt at least once in our lifetime. The escape from the rat race for even a few days is an option that all of us agree to readily. To then experience world class spa facilities amidst the towering backdrops is like a cherry on the cake.

In the past decade many a weary traveler has expressed the need for spa and other relaxing therapies while on a vacation in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. As a result the state now boasts of 4 world class hotels with state of the art health resorts that assure you of a rejuvenating stay.

Have a look at the hotels on this list.

1. Wildflower Hall, Shimla

The Wildflower Hall
The Wildflower Hall, Shimla

It is jewel in the crown of Oberoi properties worldwide. The perfect setting for a holiday in pin drop silence and only nature for company. Located at just 45mins drive from Shimla, Wild Flower Hall offers unparallel views of the snow capped mountains and lush green forests till where your eyes can see. The hotel has a strict no children below 10 policy that allows adults to have a serene uninterrupted peaceful stay they long for. The Spa Pavilion, in the hotel has been voted twice as the best Indian Spa by World Travel Awards. It offers aromatherapy treatments using essential essence of plants and flowers. The Ayureveda therapies are very popular and known to remove all stress and tension from the body.

2. The Himalayan Village, Manali

The Himalayan Village, Manali
The Himalayan Village, Manali

If waking up in a fruit orchard with trees laden with fruits was your childhood dream then come stay at The Himalayan Village, a resort located right in Mother Nature’s lap. The architecture so true to the Himalayan style will leave you mesmerized and transport you to a different mind zone. The spa will provide you a range of options for relaxing your senses and letting go of your worries for the time you are there. The holistic approach is aimed to work on all your senses and will pamper you overboard. With a total natural and pure approach the treatments leave you charged and cleansed in the body and mind. The colon hydrotherapy has found to be very beneficial for guests who come from sedentary lifestyles with long working hours.

3. Moksha Spa, Parwanoo

Moksha Spa, Parwanoo
Moksha Spa, Parwanoo

The Moksha Spa has redefined the standards of relaxation and rejuvenation in the region by offering top standards of service and quality to its customers. They firmly believe in the signature Moksha service that preaches the philosophy of Rebirth and Release. Their treatments are based are on the age old wisdom of the Vedas and other historic books of teachings. To rejuvenate a person by working on his energy centers is their main mantra. Located at a height of over 5000feet at the foothills of the Shivalik Range, it is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a eco wellness holiday. The resort has to be reached by travelling in a memorable cable car ride up the hill. The options you get at the spa are endless, choose from a Turkish Hamam, outdoor heated pool, to a children’s club or a jacuuzi and a gym. The spa offers you yoga and meditation therapies in six levels. There is also a Thai massage and a nail and hair salon available.

4. Aamod, Shoghi

Aamod, Shogi
Aamod, Shogi

If unwinding at the top of a ridge is you idea of a perfect getaway, then come and stay at Aamod, a perfect escape from the maddening crowds and traffic snarls. Walk up to the spa and get ready to be pampered by trained professionals who will transport you to a different world. The detoxification and beauty therapies done amidst a lush green forest will make you feel blissful and relaxed. The Jacuzzi overlooks the mountains and the yoga sessions will help you breathe in the fresh air and let go of all stress. You can choose from a wide range of Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy treatments.

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