Why you shouldn’t cross the Rohtang Pass after it is closed down?

Every year Border Roads Organization declares official opening and closing dates for crossing over the Rohtang Pass. However, locals start crossing over these passes way before the official opening because they are experienced and crossing over the Rohtang is a matter of life and death for them.

However, tourists and over enthusiastic adventurers risk their lives by attempting to cross over the pass before or after the official dates. It is dangerous and could be fatal as well.

Recently, in November 2012, four tourists were injured and they had to pay heavily when their taxi fell into a 200-feet-deep gorge at Rahla Fall below Rohtang, injuring all occupants of the vehicle, including their driver from Manali.

Rohtang Pass – Rainy Season, Imagine Winters!

Usually tourists visiting Manali after official closure of the Pass express their desire to see the pass. Local drivers just to make extra bucks risk the lives of the tourists and end up hurting themselves as well. Every year such incidents are reported in the valley.

If you are visiting Manali after the pass has been closed, avoid going to the Rohtang Pass. The Pass is usually opened in May-June and its is closed down by the end of November every year.

So you can plan your visit accordingly. However, if you have arrived in Manali after the pass has been closed, do not even think about going towards the Rohtang Pass because it is notorious for taking lives of the people. Rohtang literally translates into ‘ Piles of Dead Bodies’.

Frozen Road, Rohtang in November

Things Not to Do:

  • Do not take your personal vehicle to the Rohtang Top. Snow accumulated on the road makes it extremely difficult to drive/ride.
  • Do not listen to what your taxi guy has to say. No doubt they are experienced but when the BRO has said no, you should listen to them first.
  • Never try to walk over the pass with the locals if you have no experience of walking in the snow. Although Rohtang stands only at 4000 meters, but the terrain is real difficult.

TheOKTravel Tip:

Have fun in and around Manali. If you actually want to see snow, you can see the Bhrigu Lake which takes only 6-8 hours to reach at the top. The hike starts from the Vashishth Temple.


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