Wildlife Sanctuaries in Himachal – Chail Sanctuary, Solan

Kali Ka Tibba Chail Shimla

One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh for the nature lovers to explore, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is located in district Solan of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated near the Shimla town. The sanctuary is spread in an area of approximately 11000 hectares.

The area is a natural habitat to many endangered species of animals, reptiles and birds which add up the beauty of this extensively beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

“Chir Breeding Farm” is another landmark associated with the region.

A paradise for the wildlife lovers, the sanctuary provides you with the unmatched view of snow capped mountains and lush green pastures.

The animals present in the sanctuary include Leopards, Goral, Himalayan Bear, Wild Boar and common Langur.

The sanctuary provides trekking facilities to the adventure sport lovers which make them more enthusiastic about the sanctuary.

The best months to visit the sanctuary are from March to October.

Solan and Shimla can provide many good accommodations to the tourists visiting the sanctuary.

The world famous wildlife sanctuary is well connected by road to other major cities of the country.

The Kalka Shimla narrow rail gauge is another attractive feature for the travelers which can enthrall them and make their journey memorable.

Kali Ka Tibba Chail Shimla
Kali Ka Tibba Chail Shimla

Close to the Chail town, lies the isolated ‘Kali Ka Tibba’ temple of the Goddess Kali. The height of this temple is almost close to that of Shimla and on a foggy day, one finds nature at its best while visiting the temple from Chail.

Click here to see ‘Kali ka Tibba’ Gallery.

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