Wildlife Sanctuaries in Himachal – Tirthan Valley Sanctuary, Kullu

Located in the Kullu district, advice Tirthan wildlife sanctuary is one of the most magnificent sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. It lies is Seraj forest division near Kullu town. The wildlife sanctuary was notified in revenue records of the state on 17 June 1976.

It is spread around an area approximately 61 sq km.

The sanctuary is very famous among the pilgrims all over the country for the hot springs originating in the mountain ridges surrounding the sanctuary.

Khirganga, Hans Kund and Mantalai Rakti Sar are the names of hot springs present in the region.

The Great Himalayan National Park adjoins the Tirthan wildlife sanctuary on the southern side. The Sai Ropa complex at Shamshi Village is the place where from you get approvals and permissions to go to the GHNP. Close to the complex, the famous Shringa Rishi Temple in Banjar is located. And if you go little further, you are welcomed by the famous Chaini Kothi, an archeological as well as architectural wonder of the state.

Great Himalayan National Park, SaiRopa Complex
Great Himalayan National Park, SaiRopa Complex

It has one of the largest remaining populations of Himalayan Tahr.

There are fishing and nature camps situated around the sanctuary for the adventure lovers visiting the place. Trekkers love to visit the place and carry memorable trekking experiences with them.

The wide variety of fauna present includes Jungle Cat, Brown Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, Barking Deer, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Rhesus, Weasel etc.

Flora includes moist Deodar, Ban Oak, Alpine, mixed Conifer tress etc.

The best season to visit the sanctuary is from March to November.


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