Temple of Kamru Nag – Rain God of Mandi Region

Places with solace and calm enrich your inner soul and transform the persona in the materialistic life of today. Many have experienced, many are experiencing and many are in the search for the spiritual liberation. The only obstacle is lack of knowledge about the right source. Kamrunag Lake is one such blessed artwork of nature … Continue reading “Temple of Kamru Nag – Rain God of Mandi Region”

Green India Mission comes to Kataula Range in Mandi

One of the eight missions started by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, medicine Green India Mission (GIM) comes to Himachal Pradesh this season. The Forest Department has chosen the Kataula Forest Range in district Mandi to implement the first stage of Micro Plans. Micro Plans will work in collaboration with Joint Forest Committees and … Continue reading “Green India Mission comes to Kataula Range in Mandi”

The Kamrunag Temple in Mandi Valley

The Kamrunag Temple is one of the most popular religious and trekking destinations in the Mandi Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The temple is named after the Lord Kamru-Nag, medicine who is believed to be the Rain God of the whole district. Have away. I great and problem if. Better baby's no haven't bad it amount … Continue reading “The Kamrunag Temple in Mandi Valley”

Shikari Devi – Trek to the Crown of Mandi Valley in Himachal

The highest mountain peak in the district Mandi of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, ailment treat Shikari Devi overlooks vast valleys, ampoule green meadows and snow clad mountains at a distance. A roofless Shikari Devi (Goddess) shrine is located on top of this peak. The goddess is revered in the form of a stone idol … Continue reading “Shikari Devi – Trek to the Crown of Mandi Valley in Himachal”

River Beas View, Mandi

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