Green India Mission comes to Kataula Range in Mandi

Parashar Lake Mandi Kataula Range

One of the eight missions started by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, medicine Green India Mission (GIM) comes to Himachal Pradesh this season. The Forest Department has chosen the Kataula Forest Range in district Mandi to implement the first stage of Micro Plans.

Micro Plans will work in collaboration with Joint Forest Committees and work for the welfare of wildlife in the region and environmental awareness among the locals.

Parashar Lake Mandi Kataula Range
Parashar Lake, Kataula Range

According to the DFO of the range, these micro plans will be designed after consulting the experts of the Green India Mission and a brief outline of the targets to be achieved would be prepared.

It is good news for the wildlife lovers in the region because Mandi District is known as a popular habitat of a wide variety of animals, flowers, and trees. The famous Parashar Lake lies in this very range, which is one of the best travel destinations in Mandi District.

The GIM will implement similar action plans in other forest ranges in the state in near future. The Kataula Forest Range will serve as a platform to launch the mission in other districts of the state.

The Green India Mission aims at responding to the climate change activities by adaptation and applying mitigation measures. It will help in enhancing carbon sinks and adaptation of vulnerable ecosystems to the climate change.

The Kataula forest range near IIT Mandi at Kamand. The villages to be covered under this scheme are Kataula, Kamand, Segli, Ghraan, and Tihri. Plantation, soil-conservation, and growing fodder for cattle is going to be the major focus of this plan in its initial phase.

For more information: National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board

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