Best Bachelor Party Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

There comes a time in everybody’s life that you look for a break from the stressful lives we otherwise lead. We look for destinations that are not so popular and have less of the maddening crowds you see everywhere.

Himachal has a long list of destinations that singles and bachelors can choose from. Have a party in peace and cut your ties with reality for a few days. These offbeat places in Himachal are unbeatable when it comes to the peace and solace they offer.

Himachal is nestled in the lap of Himalayas, cialis surrounded by the Dhauladhr and Pir Panjal ranges. The pristine beauty invites you to plan your next bachelor bash here.


Take A Break At Prini

No matter when you visit Manali, it is always crowded. But the hills have a beckoning that cannot be ignored for long. So next time you want to visit Manali, but also want to stay away from the crowds, plan a trip to Prini. Located at about 3km away from Manali, it is the perfect location for a break away from the city and for a bachelor party.


Travel To The Bharmour, Hardsar Circuit

If Chamba is your destination for a bachelor party, then we suggest you drive on a little further till Bharmour and check out the place. It is a sleepy little town with an old temple called the Chaurasi Temple compound. From here you can walk up to Hardsar and if you continue further on you will reach the Mani Mahesh lake. A great trekking route, that can be planned with friends.


The Memorable Banjar

Not many people have heard of Banjar. It is on the old Manali Shimla highway, and is a small hamlet. You can stay at the Shringi Vatika here, which is small home stay. Plan a party around the stream that actually flows through the compound.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake

You will see the beautiful pictures of this lake all over the internet, but in reality very few tourists actually go there. It is a little ahead of Mandi and travelers going to Manali, need to take a detour for it. The trek from Baga is delightful, although the car also goes right upto the lake. Prashar Lake can easily be called Himachal’s top secret destination.


The Very Inviting Kheerganga

Located in the district of Kullu, Kheerganga is right in the centre of Parvati Valley. Reach Barsaini by bus and then plan a four hour trek to Kheerganga. Carry your party stuff with you and party near the hot water spring at the end of the trek. It is one of those places that enrich you with memories for a lifetime.


The Dharamkot – Tirund in Dharamshala

Above Mcleodganj is located the silent village of Dharamkot. Plan a party with close friends and you won’t be disappointed at all. In the midst of nowhere you will find Shiva Café, which has great food and ambience that suits the mood of every bachelor. Once done resting trek further to Tirund mountain top, to catch some of the most breathtaking views of nature.


Hamta A Slice Of Heaven

Your search for a location that is totally chilled out ends with Hamta. Located on the Manali  Kullu highway, it is at a perfect spot in the Kullu valley. You will need to go via Pirni Aleo Hydro Power Plant in order to reach the place.  Take a trek up the lush green mountain and a see a magnificent view of Manali City. The clouds like candy floss, the silence of the valley and the greenery all around, is the perfect place to spend some quality time with people you care.


The Little Known Chindi And Karsog Valley

Chindi is another such location in HP that remains off the trail of the commercial tourist. It has managed to preserve its natural beauty and calmness. Plan  a party with your loved one and friends, and rejuvenate your body and soul. There are short and long walks that can be planned from here. If you have time visit the Karsog valley below.

Tirthan Valley

 The Natures Gift Tirthan Valley

None of us can claim to have seen all of Himachal, if you have not been to Tirthan valley even once. Located in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), it is one of the top most rated places to relax in HP. The Tirthan river, the high mountains, all seem to cast a spell on you. The valley looks like a carpet of flowers in spring. A sight you will remember for life. Visit Tirthan if you want to claim to have been to heaven and back.


The Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary

Dranghati is above Daran village, one of the remotest locations in Himachal. The beauty is jaw dropping and the experience priceless. If you are planning to host a bachelor party, plan a day’s camping at Daranghati and experience nature up close. Sarahan as such is known for its beauty, and Daranghati seems to be the icing on the cake.



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