Camping in Sangla Valley in Kinnaur

Sangla PWD Guest House

One of the most beautiful camping destinations in Himachal Pradesh, the Sangla Valley in Kinnaur welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year!

Every year, for about 6 months, the beautiful and tranquil Himalayan valleys of Spiti and Kinnaur slowly come into sight from under a thick cloak of ice. This is the time when virgin peaks, majestic mountains, herbs, and rivers are revealed to the people from the outside world. You can begin a unique and memorable discovery of the areas of the Himalayas that are not so frequented by visitors every day.

Sangla PWD Guest House
Sangla PWD Guest House

Camping at an altitude of 2600 to 2700 meters in Sangla Valley is an invigorating experience that will almost certainly make you step back in time! You can at once break your connection with the noise, hassles and tensions of the outside world once you reach here.

The gigantic Kinner Kailash peak towers over the Sangla Valley. The slopes of the Sangla Valley are mostly covered with apple orchards, pine and cedar forests, walnut and apricot trees, private agriculture fields and charming rural settlements. Villages in the valley demonstrate the traditional wooden craftsmanship. This valley is the originating point of Baspa River, a major tributary of the Sutlej River. The Baspa River flows westward from the

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Sangla Valley and pours itself into the Sutlej River at Karchham.Camping in the Sangla Valley has some irresistible delights on offer such as:

  • Short Treks to nearby rural settlements and snow clad mountain peaks
  • Rappelling
  • River Crossing
  • Trout Fishing (Angling)
  • Rock Climbing

Campsites in the Sangla Valley are perfect locations for a total relaxation. You can rely on a credible camping services provider for all arrangements if you’re traveling in a group. Many tourists handle everything on your own but that’s not always possible for everyone. The gurgling Baspa River, riverside bonfire, music, cool breeze and silence – that’s what you’ll remember about the Sangla Valley.

The best time to visit

Camping trips to the valley are open from the month of April to October.

Attractions around camping sites

Some of the most popular tourist attractions around camping sites in the Sangla Valley are:

  1. Sangla Meadows – It will take many hours to reach the dark green pastures in the Sangla Valley.
  2. Rakcham – Tourists can trek along the Baspa River to the beautiful Rakcham village. It is located about 4 hours away.
  3. Chitkul – Popularly known for being the last village on Hindustan – Tibet route, Chitkul is a famous tourist attraction.



  1. Arjun

    It is an amazing feel to be in Himalayas. I usually go to Kinnaur and areas around it every year. I love camping and trekking there, which is full of adventures.

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