ViceRegal Lodge – An English Renaissance Style Monument of Colonial Times


ViceRegal Lodge or Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated on top of the Observatory Hill in Shimla is a colonial architectural masterpiece. It is the only historic monument in Shimla that occupies an entire hill!

For decades, viagra this building has attracted tourists, drugs geologists, researchers as well as people seeking solace and artistic inspirations. The ambiance at this place is calm and soothing. The construction of this historic building was started in 1888. Even after 120 years, the colonial monument stands firm on the ground in a perfect condition.

The building was constructed to serve as the residence of Lord Dufferin in late 19th century. The building, therefore, had all imaginable amenities for the Viceroy such as an indoor tennis court, central heating system, electric lamps, laundry, huge kitchens etc. Designed by Mr. H. Irwin – architect of Public Works Department of British Government in India, Vice Regal Lodge is the most unique and impressive colonial monument in Shimla – the summer capital of British India.


The present day Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), Vice Regal Lodge is a 6 storey structure surrounded by beautiful gardens. This historic building has been a witness to a large number of important occasions of political, social and economic importance. After independence, the building was first converted into Rashtrapati Niwas Estate. Later in 1965, it became IIAS – open for bureaucrats and scholars.

A large number of momentous decisions were taken here at Vice Regal Lodge in Shimla that later changed fate of billions of people in the erstwhile Indian sub-continent. It was the venue of the famous Simla Conferences in 1945 in pre-independence era. The decision to partition the erstwhile Indian sub-continent into India, and Pakistan (West and East Pakistan) was also taken inside this mansion.

There are 3 main wings in this historic monument of colonial times in Shimla.

  • 3 storied main wing
  • 2 storied eastern wing
  • 5 storied kitchen wing

Only few sections of the ground floor of the building are accessible to the public. But a peaceful walk around the building and sneak-peek at impressive teak paneled walls, Indian heritage pictures and paintings, library etc. on the ground floor is more enough to make you happy!

Visiting this famous landmark is a must if you happen to be Shimla on vacation at any point of time in future. The beautiful and tall monument, pine trees and well-maintained gardens are no doubt an unforgettable feast to the eyes!

Opening Time

If you want to see Shimla in its true historic British flavor, you can visit Vice Regal Lodge or IIAS on any day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Guided IIAS are also available for a fee of Rs. 50/-. Two guided tours are started every hour (Except during the lunch time – 1 pm to 2 pm). These tours provide funds for the challenging task of maintaining this big property.

How to reach there?

About 2.5km hike from Central Shimla (Towards West).






    It is a nice post for those who intend visiting Shimla and are interested in the historic context of the location. However, there are two howlers in the write up. The first is that “Viceregal” is one word and not two like “Vice regal” as referred to in the write up. The second is more serious. Paragraph 3 of the write up mentions that it was constructed as the residence of “Lord Duffer” whereas it should have been “Lord Dufferin”. Some descendents of Lord Dufferin might take an offence to the inadvertant error.

    1. Thank you for pointing it out!

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