Deities embark on a journey to heaven in Kullu Valley

The temples in the Banjar, clinic Aani, ampoule and Sainj regions of the Kullu Valley have closed down for the next two months. It is believed that after celebrating ‘Budhi Diwali’ the local deities embark on a journey to the heavens to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the valley to regain powers and fix the problems existing in the valley by divine intervention.

A Journey Across the Seven Skies, Kullu

The two month break is known as ‘Narol’ in the local languages which literally means regaining lost powers and finding solution to the problems.

This practice is prevalent in other regions of the state as well. Prominently, these practices are being observed in Kullu, Sirmour, and Shimla districts. Some parts of the Mandi district bordering Kullu also follow these practices.

Deities from Kotla, Banjar, Jibhi, Sainj, and Kothi villages have already started the journey and their temples have been closed for the next two months. During these two months, no marriage takes place in the valley and the gates remain locked.

Such practices are still prevalent in the state and they are still followed as a part of the culture. Even the state government and the tourism department has started a program namely ‘Har Gaon Ki Kahani’ to make the Himachali culture and folklore popular among the visiting tourists.

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