Paragliding at Indru Nag, Dharmshala: A flight over the Dhauladhar

Paragliding at Indru Nag

Imagine flying over the snow capped Dhauladhar peaks in Dharamshala. Add to it a flight over the most beautiful cricket stadium of the country. That’s happening in Dharamshala at the Indru Nag site, just five kilometers from the main Dharamshala market.

Indru Nag site is a small plateau located at the hilltop which is used by paragliders as a launching pad for a joy ride of 15-20 minutes. The altitude of the site is close to 2000 meters and it offers a short but beautiful flight over the beautiful city of Dharashala.

Paragliding at Indru Nag
Paragliding at Indru Nag

The state government approved Indru Nag as a paragliding site in the year 2011 to promote adventure sports in the state. It is second paragliding site in the Kangra district, and fifth overall in the state.

Other paragliding sites in the state are Bir-Billing in Kangra, Rohtang and Solan site in Kullu, and Bandla Dhar site in Bilaspur District. Bir-Billing site is considered as one of the best paragliding sites of the world.

Best time for paragliding at Indru Nag is between October and December. This year, early snowfall is expected in the state and that could be an added incentive for adventure sports lovers to head towards Dharamshala.

If the state government develops better facilities at this site, it could soon replace McLeodganj as the most visited tourist place in Dharmshala Circuit because everybody wants to fly even if it means flying for 15-20 minutes.

How to Reach Indrunag?

Indrunag Dharamshala Paragliding
Paragliding, Indru Nag Temple

Reaching Indru Nag includes a short drive and a short walk of One Hour. A narrow road will leave you at the Chola Village and then you have to trek until the Indru Nag temple. There is an ancient temple as well, which is dedicated to the Snake (Nag) King, and hence the name of the place.

The famous slate mines of Khaniara are just 5 kilometer from the paragliding site.

It is important that you fly only with an experienced pilot and the state government regulations say that the pilot requires a minimum of five year flying experience to take guided flights.

It’s good to ask your pilot if he is experienced or not but do that before the flight takes off because after that it wouldn’t matter!


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