eToilets for Dal Lake, Import from Kerala

Ever been to the ‘beautiful’ Dal Lake in Srinagar?

Then you must have asked your Shikara guy or said to yourself, where does waste from the houseboats go?

We are not saying it is being dumped in the Lake but considering the seriousness in India regarding sanitation and cleanliness of public places, its highly likely that the dump goes into the lake.

And a look at the lake also ensures the same.

Dal Lake or Dull Lake?

However, an e-toilet manufacturer from Kerala will install four sewage treatment plants in Jammu and Kashmir and a customized toilet at the Dal Lake. The company, Eram is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and they have already installed more than 400 e-toilets across the nation.

The e-toilet is a convergence of web and mobile and electronics technologies and has automated door opening, power flushing, automatic closet washing and sterilization  and automatic platform cleaning mechanism, all backed by SMS alerts to inform the control room about the status of water tank and biogas plant in the event of errors.

 Considering the increasing number of tourists visiting Kashmir, a record of some sorts have been broken last year, and also keeping in mind J&K Government’s ‘hyper-active’ (pun intended) role in maintaining the Dal Lake, the e-Toilet solution can do wonders.

And if it works well, who knows we could see what actually lies at the bottom of the Dal Lake.

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