Lake of Fish God – Machail Lake, Joginder Nagar

Fish enjoy a special place in Hindu scriptures and legends. Famously said, recipe fish swims against the charging water currents and mighty elephant is pushed down. Therefore, sick to witness the saying tourists are advised to visit the Machail Lake. Home to Machendru Devta (God of Fish), the temples of the deity are situated on the beautiful banks of the river attracting tourists and pilgrims from all over the country and urging them to explore the grace of the magnificent place.

Kangra Toy Train, Jogindernagar

Geographical description-

Located at a distance of approximately 8 km from Jogindernagar, Machail Lake is situated in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Another Lake is situated in its vicinity approximately 2 km away with a length of 200 m and 20 to 50 m in breadth. The Lake is located on the Jogindernagar-Sarkaghat State Highway- 19.

This State Highway starts from JoginderNagar and joins the Shimla-Dharamshala National Highway at Ghumarwin.

What attracts tourists?-

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the beauty of the lake increases when the shining rays of the sun fall on its surface and reflect an aura of grace and divinity.

Tourists from all over the country visit the lake in large numbers and experience the calm of the place away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Adventure lovers can avail the trekking sightseeing experience offered by the Mother Nature near the lake. Fishing is strictly prohibited here.

Fish wearing golden rings can be seen easily in the lake.

There are many temples of Machendru Devta in the vicinity of the lake. Pilgrims visit the lake and take back blessings with them.

Cultural & religious significance-

The lake holds a cultural and religious significance. Fish are worshiped here especially on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. A fair is organized annually marking the beginning of the holy month of Vaishakh. There are many sports activities organized during the fair for the people of different villages visiting the fair.Wrestling championship is held on the final day of the fair , the highlight of the fair.

Flora and fauna-

Varied varieties of flora found in the region are Conifers, Alpine and deciduous trees. Fauna present in the jungle and valleys around the lake includes Himalayan Black Bear, Common Langur and Indian Porcupine.

The best time to visit the lake-

The weather is pleasant throughout the year.

Where to stay-

There are many government guesthouses around the lake. JoginderNagar offers good accommodation facilities to the tourists. Travel destinations in the vicinity of Joginder Nagar are world famous Bir-Billing Paragliding Site and the hidden gem of Himachal, the Barot Village.

The world famous Chauntra School for Tibetan Children Village is just 8 kilometers from Joginder Nagar. It is one of the largest Tibetan Schools in the state.

Tibetan Children Village, Chauntra

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