An Ode to Old times, Kuthar Fort, Solan

A magnanimous historical monument, Kuthar Fort is located in district Solan of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that Kuthar Fort is about 800 years old. In district Solan and neighboring areas, Kuthar Fort is the oldest structure.

The fort is popularly called a palace because it is unlike other forts in the state. The backside of the fort has been renovated and it looks like a Heritage Hotel.

The wall paintings inside the fort started to fade few years back when it was decided to renovate them, either by preserving the old one, or by putting up new murals and paintings on the walls.

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Kuthar-Bishnpur Fort, Solan

The fort is spread out over a very large area. Fresh water springs flowing within the boundary of the fort are a rare sight that every visitor admires. There are many ancient structures within the confines of the fort. Other attractions within the close proximity of the fort include Kasauli hill station, Kunihar and Gurkha Fort. The fort is located close to Subathu and Arki in Solan.

How to reach?

The fort is roughly an hour’s drive away from the Shimla airport at Jubbarhatti. Most tourists approach this tourist destination via Arki and Subathu. It is about 11km from Subathu. The easiest way to approach this fort is to take a detour from Dharampur (Chandigarh-Shimla road) and head on the State Highway – 16 towards Subathu/Spatu.

16 Kilometers later you will reach at Subathu Cantt, from where one needs to head on the Arki-Kunihar road (State Highway – 9) and reach Kuthar.

Kuthar is eight kilometer from Subathu and the Kuthar Palace is located just next to the PWD Guest House and Police barrier.

Reaching Kuthar from Shimla

Reaching Kuthar Palace, from Shimla

 Reaching Kuthar from Chandigarh: While coming from Chandigarh, one needs to drive on the National Highway – 22 until Dharampur and then head towards Subathu. And then follow the same path as mentioned above.

Total Distance: 76 KMs (Chandigarh-Dharampur – Subathu-Kuthar–52 – 16 – 8 km)

Reaching Kuthar from Mandi: This road is a popular alternative route taken by the travelers coming from Mandi, Bilaspur, and Manali. The State Highway – 9 branches off form the National Highway – 88 at Shalaghat and goes through Arki and Kunihar and finally joins the Subathu junction.

Total Distance:  50 KMs (Shalaghat-Arki-Kuthar)

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Chitto Mithho Cafe, Subathu
Chitto Mithho Cafe, Subathu

The OK Travel Tip(s):

a) Kuthar Fort was earlier known as Krishngarh Fort. And its not the only fort in the region, there is another fort in the vicinity of Kuthar Fort, which is known as Bishanpur Fort. It is believed that the Bishnpur Fort is haunted.

b) Subathu and Spatu are same places, so don’t be confused if people say any of these names.

c) Take a break at the ‘Chhito-Mitho Army Cafe’ at Subathu.


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