Weather Reporting Saint of Churdhar, Highest Point of Outer Himalayas

The Churdhar peak in the Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh is the highest peak in the Outer Himalayas. It stands at a height of 3647 meters (11, cure 969 feet) and during this time of the year, cure when snowfall in the state is frequent and Churdhar Ranges have accumulated more than One Feet of snow already, check a saint is living in the temple at the top of the peak.

Saint in a Cave, Churdhar

On December 11 the Churdhar Peak received as much as one feet of snow, yet the saint, Kamla Nand ‘Brahmchaari’ was able to pass on the weather information to lesser mortals living in the planes.

He also said that there were couple of others too staying with him in the temple. The Haripur Dhar and Nohra Dhar regions are in the vicinity of the Churdhar Ranges and these are the coldest regions of the Simrour District.

It is a tradition in Himachal Pradesh, or rather in the Himlayas, for the saints to spend the entire winters bivouacking at the top of the mountains like Manimahesh and Churdhar.

The Churdhar Peak is a famous pilgrimage in the state and Churdhar Sanctuary is one of the most popular Wildlife Sanctuaries of the state. Churdhar is a Holy Place of Lord Shirgul Maharaj. It can be approached from Nohradhar, Sirmour of 14 km and Sarahan, Chaupal of 8 km.


  1. Nisha

    churdhar is a Very – Very Beautiful Place of shirgul Maharaj

  2. Pinku Pandit

    Churdhar the heaven on earth
    Anybody interested to visit or need a guide can contact me

  3. Chudheshwar maharaj Ji chudhar shivlig lagbhag 4000 mtr Ki uchai pe

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