Ice Skating sessions in Shimla discontinued, Clouds play party pooper

The red balloon tethered to the roof of the British-era municipal corporation building has been taken down, drug just four days after it was tied to announce the start of the Ice Skating season in Shimla.

Clouds have spoiled the party here in Shimla and the plans of the Municipal Corporation to start the evening sessions are gone now.

Watery Rink, physician Ice Skating Rink Shimla

It has been reported that the rink was all full of water and there were very thin layers of ice frozen on it, healing which obviously is not suitable for skating. The tourists as well as the locals are disappointed to hear the news.

If the clouds keep hovering above the hilly town, the skating sessions will be delayed inevitably.

The authorities have decided to take down the Red Balloon, which acts as a signal, as it has for decades that Asia’s oldest ice skating rink in this hill town was open.

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