Hiking Safety Tips that You Should Know

Hiking is one of the most sought after activities among the adventure lovers all over the world. The kind of exhilarating experience that hiking offers to an enthusiast can hardly be matched by any other adventure activity. Hiking accompanies delight but could also attract vulnerability to danger if it’s not done right. Though hiking involves common sense but little precautions are binding in ensuring a safe and secure hiking experience. Here are some safety tips that would add on to an improved hiking experience.

Be In the Company of Someone

It is very enticing to imagine travelling all alone in the middle of a thick jungle and tiny drops of rain hitting your face from the clouds in the sky. The feeling is ultimate. At least it appears so.

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Your fate could get sealed in the woods for weeks at a stretch. Your shrieks and screams would not be able to trace back your details in the dense forests. Therefore, sale wait a moment and do not try to be too adventurous. It is always advised to travel in a company. Who knows when one’s bad omen begins and you find yourself in total solitary confinement in need of help. However, if the main motive is just to get lost in the woods and not return back then the choice is yours.

Follow the Right Path

It is imperative to trace out the right path and directions on the map (yea, inclusion of map in your bag pack is necessary) of the area before leaving the embarkation point. In a nutshell –

  1. Know the right path
  2. Choose the right path
  3. Do not deviate from a pre-determined path later

Clothing Matters a Lot

While venturing into the wetlands, the idea of fashionable clothes should be dropped at the earliest. Just imagine yourself walking eagerly on the hiking trail – something stings you on the bare legs and very soon you realize that it you have stepped upon a sleeping snake’s head. The adventure is over for you and the others; you are luckily with someone at that time. Make it a point to wear solid pair of shoes, full sleeved shirts and denim trousers while venturing out in the wild.

Carry adequate food and water

While hiking in unknown and unexplored territories, it is very important to carry enough food and water. Even if your trip, according to the plan, will last 4 days – you should carry enough food and water for at least 8 days. Do not let yourself believe that you too will be lucky like the hikers featured on Discovery Channel, who returned home after spending weeks in the forests, mountains and wetlands.

Flora and Fauna

Do not try to be too adventurous with nature and experience the touch of plants on the sides of the trail. Some wild plants are poisonous and a slight touch could invite serious trouble. Limit your love for nature and avoid encounter with animals of the jungle as they would surely not welcome an intruder in their territory.


Make it a point to carry first aid box with yourself and a good torch light powered by a battery that can last for several hours.



 The weather plays the most important part and you should respect the weather conditions. You can always enquire about the weather forecast for the day of your journey and plan accordingly.

Yes, hiking is fun. Adventure lovers are often on a quest for thrilling experiences. Seasoned hikers take all standard precautions before venturing out on an adventure trip. They too take risks and face challenges head-on. However, they do not make silly mistakes or put their lives in danger.

If you want to participate in an adventure activity – you got to do it right.

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