Why go on an adventure trip?

The feeling of wind brushing past your face while standing on the top of a snow capped peak and flock of birds passing by the side is unmatched. It stimulates an adrenalin rush. Thoughts of the noisy world disappear abruptly. It is in these rare moments that an adventure lover effortlessly begins to rediscover the ‘self.’

The amazing feeling of being on an adventure trip cannot be expressed completely in words as the flavor of the experience surely misses out in manually framed sentences. Adventure travel is the name of a new life for most and this very lot of “most” drives the whole world, salve day in and day out.

What is ‘adventure travel’ all about?

Adventure travel refers to the intentional search of novice and virgin territories and experiences beyond the familiar area of comfort of a person.

The area of exploration could vary from a snow peaked mountain, look dense forest and lush green valley to rocky mountain, dark caves and challenging wetlands.

In short, adventure travel is all about getting engaged in heart impelling activities such as mountain climbing, bungee jumping, sky diving, paragliding, rafting, snow skating etc.

Why leave the comfort zone and go out on an adventure trip?

The narrative unforgettable exploits of adventure lovers are more than enough to entice anyone to change on from the regular attire to that of an adventurer’s and dive into the sea of interesting escapades.

The reasons are numerous like stars in the sky but the prolific among them is life changing experience that a trip in mighty Himalayas or a camel trek in Algeria could provide.

Travel is life: Mobility is the most dynamic attribute of human life. Status-quo limits a human being within boundaries that adjourns both intellectual and spiritual transformation. A person without a worthwhile account of travel experiences in life surely misses out on lot. There is such a breed of adventure seekers in the world that are possibly waiting for the day when space would become the ideal jumping base for bungee jumping on to earth!

Kick away your boredom: Monotonous daily routine only inflicts poignancy in the life and snatches away the positive energy. In the busy life of today, a person requires some snow under his boots and a bag pack on his back. It is in the best spirits to keep up with the Joneses and be a part of increasing adventure brigade whose focal mantra is to live the life to its fullest with proper rubbing of the green and mind you green here is for luck showered upon by the nature around us.

Be a better human being: Travelling is just not about impressing people with your antics and earn a few accolades. It is a way of life that transforms a person into a complete human being with a pinch of compassion for the nature and humanity.

Potential life changer: Steering the path while sitting on the top of huskies through the snow filled paths and riding on the back of Latin American bull are some of the experiences worth bartering for with your precious time. It is a matter of time when you touch God’s hand in the sky when standing atop Andes mountain ranges.

Okay, how to pursue the idea!

Travel agents/sites/adventure magazines: They are the best in the business by far in planning of an itinerary and could be well trusted upon in finding you the best deals.

Local adventure clubs: You can easily be a part of adventure club in your city or state and stay abreast with the latest plans. There is nothing better than scaling the top of the mountain with your best buddies.

Nothing better than going all alone in the lap of Mother Nature:

What more than taking a path out from the house towards the unknown territories of nature all alone in search of peace, tranquility and wilderness. Do not forget to take all precautions, though.

It requires nothing more than a bag pack stuffed with some clothes, a guide map, enough food, water and most importantly a credit card in order to be a Columbus in search of a new virgin island.

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