Himachal Pakwaan Utsav



Shimla is bursting with tourists nowadays. There are people from all over the country here on a vacation with kids or on a Honeymoon. The MC Shimla is celebrating 150 years of existence of Shimla this year. There are various activities planned for these celebrations.




The Daulat Singh Park right in the heart of the city, pharmacy is hosting the Himachal Pakwaan Utsav form the 7th June to 10th June. People can taste lip smacking Himachali cuisine. There are Siddoos both sweet and salty, makki ki roti, and also a platter named as Dham that consists of all the traditional dishes.





For those of you who relish meat, they are also serving delicious rarha mutton, rice and salad after 7pm. Its not often that we get a chance to eat the local food at such convenience.





Go have a look, we guarantee you wont be disappointed.

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