Himachal Pradesh as an Angler’s Paradise

Himachal Pradesh - An Angler's Delight | Image: HP Fisheries

The adventurous locale for angling and fishing, magnificent valleys of Himachal Pradesh are dotted with snow-fed streams, fast flowing rivers traversing through its lands, with beautiful gorges and canyons that make it “An angler’s paradise.”

Himachal Pradesh - An Angler's Delight | Image: HP Fisheries
Himachal Pradesh – An Angler’s Delight | Image: HP Fisheries 

Angling serves as source of recreation and adventure to immeasurable people belonging to different strata of the society. For solitude seekers a fishing adventure-trip to the Himachal is the perfect way to be in the lap of nature as well as get away from the hustle-bustle of normal life.

Angling at the Seer Khad, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh
Angling at the Seer Khad (1938, Seer Khad, Bilaspur) of Bilaspur Right to Left: Mian Man Singh (in necktie), the Lt. Governor, Punjab, Sir Malcolm Hailey, and Lady Governor Courtesy: Bilaspur-Through the Centuries p 568 (Author Mr. Shakti Singh Chandel)

Turning through the pages of history one finds that the British were highly captivated by angling throughout the ninetieth century. Owing to this, exotic species of fish were transplanted in the streams of Himachal Pradesh. These fish adapted well and propagated fast in the new ecological conditions and offered an excellent fishing experience to European anglers. Since then, a large number of anglers both from domestic and international come here chasing the thrill and of angling in the waters of Himachal.

Trout Fishing at Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Trout Fishing at Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh | Image: NotchMag.com

Clear rushing water of the rivers and their tributaries provides excellent opportunities for fishing and angling. The state Fishery department has identified some potential spots for angling of trout and mahasheer along the banks of these rivers and stream where one can fish with joy.

Angling Spots in Himachal Pradesh

There are several spots ideal for fishing:

  • Pabbar valley along Pabbar river in Rohroo (Shimla)
Angling at Pabbar River
Angling at Pabbar River
  • Chirgaon trout hatchery and other sites are – Seema, Mandli, Sandsu, Tikri and Dhamvadi, all are within 5 to 25 km off Rohroo.
  • Baspa River in the Sangla valley (Kinnaur): Kupa and Badseri
Baspa River Fishing @ Sangla in Kinnaur
Baspa River Fishing @ Sangla in Kinnaur
  • Barot valley along Uhl River (Mandi): Good spots on this beat are – Luhandi, Puran hatchery, Tikkar,Lachkkhandi and Kamand. 
  • Kullu valley along Beas and its tributaries: Aut, Patlikuhl, Katrain, Raison and Largi are excellent for fishing.
  • Kangra valley along Beas River has several spots that offer mahaseer:
  • Nadaun, Chamba Pattan, Amtar, Harsi Pattan, Lambagaon and the Maharana Pratap Reservoir.
  • Some fine spots can also lie along rivers Giri, Gaura and Yamuna in Sirmour. The water of the Gobind Sagar also offers a variety of fishes for anglers.

Trout and Mehseer Waters in Himachal Pradesh


Trout Waters and Mahseer Waters in Himachal Pradesh
Trout Waters and Mahseer Waters in Himachal Pradesh | Source: HP Fisheries

 Angling Rules and Regulations you should know

 Angling rules and laws are liberal in the state and regularized under the State Fisheries Act. The Act promotes the conservation of wild life, while also letting people enjoy their share of the sport.

Anglers are permitted to catch six trout (trout should not be less than 40 cm in size) a day per licence by using rod and line only. Cast netting is not allowed for trout.

The Trout-fishing season starts from 31st march and lasts up to 31st October.

Mahaseer is generally fished in the months that have an(r) in there spellings- January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December.

Tourists should be careful that trout water fishing is completely banned from 1st November to 28th February and general water fishing is banned from 1st June to 31st July.

Licence for angling can be obtained for a nominal fee of Rs.100/day for trout water and Rs. 40/day for general water fish. Licensing authorities are Fisheries officers, senior fishery officer and assistant director and director of the sub division and division respectively.

Angler Delighted
Angler Delighted

Angling is not a new sport in Himachal, but it has gained popularity as a way of relaxation for people who are interested in nature and wilderness.

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