Hindi songs that capture the spirit of travelers

In the relentless quest of finding secrets of nature, the traveler leaves the boundaries of his comfort zone and enters new arena of excitement that transports him to a completely new world.

The feeling of conquering the insurmountable is beyond description when adventure seekers travel through successfully on the most difficult trails.

The songs that successfully encapsulate the theme of travel completely are very few in existence.

Here is a list of songs that are comprehensive enough to stimulate the same feeling in the listener.

Here is the list of 5 Hindi songs that depict the spirit of travelers –

1) Musafir hun yaroon:

The songs beautifully capture the spirit of travelers in the lyrics. A melodious song sung by Mukesh, it completely describes the wanderlust of the protagonist who is in search of true meaning of life. He is on an everlasting journey. The song generates a feeling of adventure within the listener and compels him to sport his travelling shoes in order to begin with a new expedition.

2) Tanha dil tanha safar:

One of the most popular travel songs in India, the song sung by Shantnu(Shan) inspires the listener to keep moving ahead into the mysterious woods all alone. The song is a perfect companion for a person with a lonely heart and in search of true love. For a person in solitary confinement in the wilderness the song is a perfect cohort.

3) Hawa ke sath sath:

A melodious song by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, ‘hawa k sath sath’ incarcerates the essence of nature within its lyrics. The song is a perfect blend of nature with voyage. Very rarely a song entices the listener to leave the front door of the home in search of new horizons. Nature surely converses with such adventure enthusiasts.

4) Ye vadiyan ye fizayen bula rhi hain tumhe:

The refreshing song from a classic Bollywood movie Aur aaj Kal sung by legendry Mohammad Rafi elicits the thoughts of being on road. The song is the perfect motivation for a traveler to move into the Nature’s lap. Any way the listener slices the song – music and travel go hand in hand as always.

5) Aa chal ke tuhje main le ke chalun:

The song from the movie ‘Door gagan ki Chaon mein’ very clearly describes the yearning of the male protagonist in the movie in the melodious voice of Kishore Kumar. The song takes the listener into its grip with the every word and articulates that the only place in the world that assures harmonious co-existence of human beings is in the embrace of Mother Nature. Therefore, follow the path into deep woods or tranquil beaches and see how beautiful the world can be.

6) Zindagi ek Safar hai Suhana:

One of the most spectacularly shot song, “Zindagi ek safar hai Suhana” is a very thrilling score with a thirst for quest. Brilliantly sung by Kishore Kumar, one of the legends of Hindi film industry, the song was picturized in the movie Andaz on Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini. The song distinctly describes the real meaning of life. It somewhere ingeniously describes the importance of thrills and adventures in the life of a human being. It reiterates the fact that life is very uncertain and only way to combat the mundane routine is to stay really close to the Nature and its seemingly ordinary wonders.

7) Yuhin chala chal rahi:

A very light hearted and invigorating song from the movie Swades, the song is picturized on Shahrukh Khan and Markand Deshpande. The song is a light hearted and lively companion for travelers. It pushes boredom to the dark corners. Sung by Udit Narayan, the song guides a traveler to explore, live and love fearlessly in the short life of his. In addition, the song elicits the fact that a wanderer venturing out into unpredictable territories experience a new romance that completely energizes his or her mind and heart.

8) Chaiyya Chaiyya:

A powerful song picturized adventurously on the top of running train in the surroundings of beautiful mountains and bountiful green and dense forests, Chaiyya Chaiyya is a gem of an adventure song in absolute terms.

The song is actually an adaptation of Punjabi poetry by great Sufi poet Bulleh Shah that radiates heartiness and energy with its lyrics. The song sung by Sukhwinder Singh explicitly describes the platonic relationship of an adventure seeker with nature. The songs subtly whispers in ears as the traveler immerses deep into it…..

“Like a rush of blood flows; unrestrained – emotions in the lap of nature
her ambience produces desires anonymous. Nature’s copious gifts of life, summon breathlessness in my inner soul
I love the way, slide into her immeasurable depths
every feel of her is irresistible, but it’s the escapade that makes me insatiable”

9) Chala jata hun Kisi ki dhun mein:

Greatly admired song featuring Rajesh Khanna in his magnificent Impella car and pretty Tanuja ‘Chala jata hun kisi ki dhun mein’ was sung by legendary Kishore Kumar with inputs of his characteristic “yodeling” style.

The song clearly and aptly puts forward the inner thoughts of a traveler on the road in search of new and unexplored horizons. A must listen for ardent travelers; it energizes a person with whole new thrust and oomph.

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