In the Cold Zones of Himachal, Ride and Walk Safe!

The winters are back in the state, many towns in Himachal Pradesh have started receiving snowfall. Narkanda, Kufri, Manali, McLeodganj recorded few centimeters of snowfall early December in 2012. With winters seeping in, and Western Disturbances knocking on our doors one more time, it’s high time to be prepared for the winters.

Cold Zone Narkanda

Himachal Pradesh, except for the BRO managed Rohtang Pass, is not equipped to tackle the conditions that prevail after the snowfall. Yes, we are talking about removing the frozen-solid snow from the roads.

There are many shady and cold zones in Himachal where often accidents happen because people, especially tourists are not capable of walking in the snow.

And walking, riding, driving in snow is one hell of a task. You apply brakes, you skid, you don’t apply brakes, and you end up damaging your car.

Narkanda, Jalori Pass, Mashobra, Gulaba, and Marhi are some of the regions in Himachal that can be called as cold zones where walking or driving in snow is extremely difficult.

Even in Shimla, there are many snow zones where every year, tourists end up hurting themselves and others because of lack of practice of driving in snowy conditions.

Taking some simple precautions will make walking/driving on ice easier and less dangerous.

1. Wear non-skid shoes. Do not wear non traction shoes while walking on the snow.

2. Always drive in heavy gear. You are here to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, do not hurry.

3. Do not try to drive near the edges of the roads. Ice is heavy and it often damages road edges.

4. Walk flat footed and pay attention to the road. Short shuffling steps are helpful in avoiding a fall.

5. Do not push or pull someone while walking. A free fall could be fatal. Snow accumulated on the road is as hard as a concrete block.

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