Kingfisher to resume services at Gaggal Airport, good news for Cricket lovers

Kingfisher Airlines has finally decided to resume its services from Gaggal Airport in Kangra District. The announcement is welcomed by the tourists across the world, drugs especially the cricket fanatics across the country.

Kingfisher used to run two flights per day from the Gaggal Airport but services were discontinued three months ago. Tourists coming to Dharamshala had to rely on the private careers and state bus transport. And considering the high amount charged by private careers and dismal state of roads in the state, viagra both these options were a letdown.

cialis Gaggal” src=”” alt=”” width=”314″ height=”236″ /> Venue of India-England Match, Dharmashala

Kingfisher had announced a partial lockout after employee unrest left its flight schedule crippled. Flights for Himachal were discontinued without any prior information. With SBI coming to the rescue of the troubled airline, there is a ray of hope for the hilly state of Himachal.

Tourists coming to Dharamshala had to rely on charter plane services, which meant shelling out more money. However, the Kingfisher Airlines has announced that it will continue its services from the Gaggal Airport in the second half of December.

Dharamshala is going to host its first ever ODI match between India and England in the ongoing cricket series. The match is scheduled on 27th December and the Kingfisher Airlines has decided to resume its services from 20 December. Dharamsala, the unofficial winter capital of the state, popular for being abode of the Dalai Lama, has been chosen as one of the venues for hosting ODI match between England and India this January.

Cricket enthusiasts have welcomed this news and this could give the much needed push to the tourism industry of the state.

At the same time, nothing has been decided about the Bhuntar Airport in Kullu, which means tourists traveling to Kullu have to rely on bus or private charter services.

The last time a flight took off or landed at the Kullu Airport was in July 2012. Since then, the airport is sitting idle.

Tourism in this region grew by 10.26% till October, which was far below the numbers reported in the previous year. Unavailability of any flights is one of the biggest reasons of this decline.

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  1. Raaz

    This is fucking sad.. Where’s our govt? We need tourist we need airport. I’m a himacly what when I see something like this!! It’s break me heart. What the fuck is wrong with ppl???? **** ** govt!

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