No Snow in Srinagar, White December hopes fade away

Kashmir Valley Chillai Kallan

Not that it was going to happen but everyone hoped for a White December this year in Srinagar. However, the Western Disturbances coming from Pakistan did not disturb us much and as a result, Kashmir Valley remains anything but white this Christmas.

Santa Claus will not have to trudge through snow in the Kashmir Valley this Christmas. The weather department has suggested cold and dry weather for the next few days in Srinagar and the valley.

Clouds will hover the valley but there are very bleak chances of snowfall. The minimum temperature recorded in Srinagar was 1.2 degrees Celsius Monday, which was  three degrees above the average temperature of the season.

-4 Degree Celsius was the recorded temperature in the valley, that too two days ago on Sunday. The coldest regions in the valley remained Kargil (-10.2 Degree), Leh (-8.2), and Pahalgam (-2 Degree Celsius).

This period in the Kashmir Valley is known as Chillai Kalan where the valley goes through a tough and very harsh winter period of 40 days.  During this season, ‘kangri’ sales go up automatically as the charcoal-filled earthen vessel woven in willow wicker is a tested method to keep the body warm. The kangri under the tweed over-garment, the ‘pheran’, is still the best heating system.

Kashmir Valley Winter View
Kashmir Valley Chillai Kallan
Kashmir Valley, Chillai Kallan

Special dishes namely Farigad (Smoked Fish), Hakhad (Fried Fish), and Harisa (winter delicacy) are eaten during the harsh winters of Chillai Kalan in the Kashmir Valley.

Drass, Leh, and Kargil are the coldest regions of the valley. Drass was once reported to be the second coldest permanently inhabited village of the world. The minimum temperature recorded in Dras is approximately -40 Degree Celsius.

At the same time, Shimla too disappointed tourists this year because there is no snow on the Christmas eve in Shimla. And chances of a White New year too are very bleak.

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