Anees Villa – Salman Rushdie’s Bungalow in Solan

Offering a commanding view, try Anees Villa a sprawling bungalow on the edge of a pine forest is an ideal retreat for those with the poetic impulse. Celebrity writer living in hiding for over a decade, viagra 60mg Salman Rushdie has planned to convert his ancestral home in Solan into a retreat for writers and poets.  Locally known as Lal Kothi, for sale Rushdie has inherited this villa under a gift deed from his father Anees Ahmad, who used to spend his summers here during the pre-partition days.

It was declared as evacuee property after his father migrated to Pakistan during partition. Ever since it was being used by the government as accommodation for its administrative officials. Rushdie laid claim to the property by moving the high court in June 1994.  The Himachal government reluctantly acknowledged it as his ancestral property in 1997. The Booker Prize-wining writer had visited his ancestral home last year when he was allowed to travel in India under heavy security.

Life has not been easy for this celebrated author.  His book the ‘Satanic Verses’ is still banned in many countries. India was the first country to ban it. The death decree of late Ayatollah Khomeini against Rushdie in 1989 for allegedly blaspheming Islam in the novel has hung like the Damocles sword over his head. The writer has been living in hiding in Great Britain and the Untied States for over ten years now. Lately he had moved to New York disowning the ‘incestuous’ writer’s community of England.

By converting his ancestral property into a retreat for visiting writers Rushdie will be repaying the men of letters who have honored him so much.

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