Barot, A Paradise in the Wilderness

Ghatasani - Entrance to Chuhar Valley

Barot is a small village, one of those you see in the Hollywood movies; serene, approachable yet hidden from the world. On the Mandi-Pathankot Highway (NH-20), a link road branches off from Ghatasani, which is just another small village of Himachal. You will not even notice Ghatasani while cruising at the highway.

However, if Barot is in your mind, you will definitely fall in love with Ghatasani. A huge gate (sign-board) welcomes you to the Chuhar Valley. Yes! Ghatasani is gateway to the still unknown Chuhar Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Ghatasani - Entrance to Chuhar Valley
Ghatasani – Entrance to Chuhar Valley

Barot lies at a distance of 25 KMs from Ghatasni and it will definitely take you more than 2 hours to reach Barot.

The reason being the beautiful landscape around. And not to mention, the road is single lane yet well maintained, barring few patches the road is excellent.

Barot also serves as a gateway to the Nagru Wildlife Sanctuary. The famous ‘Hurang Narayan’ deity of the International Mandi Shivratri festival comes from the Chuhar Valley. Barot is surrounded by thick forests which is home to black bear and Monal.

Dev Pashakot is believed to be the King of the Valley and even today people believe in his justice system.
Major Attractions in and around Barot

  • Dev Pashakot/Barot Temple near the Tikken Bridge, 10 KMs before Barot – A rivulet flows by and the scene is mesmerizing. A Banyan Tree stands tall at the entrance and people tie ribbons to it to seek blessings of the Lord.
  • Ancient temple in the Devgarh Village. A road branches off from Tikken and takes you to Devgarh. Pagoda Style temple, new temple under construction.
  • Luhardi, a village in the Chota Bhangal region of Kangra district, seven kilometers from Barot. Chota Bhangal is one of the remotest villages of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Water Reservoir at the Power House in Barot. Although photography is not allowed but you can always request the officials there. A railway carriage track was laid down by the Britishers that still exists.
  • The Haulage Trolley – a steep railway carriage way that was used until early 2000. The Haulage Trolley, when seen from the top can take your breath away because its too steep to be real.
  • Kothi Kohar, Nalohta, and BadaGraan Villages- These villages lie in the Chota Bhangal region. The green fields and snow clad mountains will take you to the dream land.Barot Chota Bhangal
Staying in Barot
There are numerous staying options in Barot. The PWD Guest house is one of the best stay options in Barot, provided you book the room in advance or if the room is available. Negi Guest house is another reliable stay option.
The guest houses are modest and one must not expect any luxurious facilities in Barot.
Basic amenities and amazing view of River Uhl , that’s all Barot has to offer.
Did we mention fishing? Barot is one of the most popular destinations for trout fishing in Himachal Pradesh.


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