Wildlife Sanctuaries in Himachal – Renuka Sanctuary, Sirmour

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary Lion

Located in Nahan in district Sirmour of Himachal Pradesh, view Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary is a treat to wildlife lovers. It is spread over an area of approximately 4 sq kms. The sanctuary is very famous all over India for its enchanting beauty and the Lions present in the sanctuary.

According to the rough estimate the present population of Lions is approximately two dozen which makes it one of the very few sanctuaries in India inhabiting the endangered animal.

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary Lion

The sanctuary is very well managed and also houses a mini zoo started in 1957, viagra which houses many beautiful animals in it.

Approximately 300 hectares of area around the sanctuary is declared as a buffer zone to protect the forest cover around the sanctuary. Considering the presence of Lions in the sanctuary government is very vigilant in preserving the ecosystem in the sanctuary.

Mainly mixed Deciduous and dry Sal are found in this area.

Diverse species of colorful butterflies enhance the aura of this very beautiful wildlife sanctuary. Varied varities of fauna which are found in the region include Lion, Spotted Bear, Nilgai, Barking Bear and most importantly our national bird Peacock.

The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year.


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