Roopkund – A Glacial Lake at 16,000 Feet

Roopkund Lake - Location on Google SightSeeing

Roopkaun Lake, buy cialis most popularly known as the Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, pill is located in the Gharwal ranges of the Himalayas in the state if Uttarakhand.  The glacial lake at 16, treat 000 feet (approx) above the median sea level is abounded by mystery in all aspects, the answers of which are still in search.

It was first in 1942, when a British guard, Roopkund discovered heaps of skeletons afloat on the lake, many by of them lying haphazardly around the edges. The skeletons would freeze in the winter with the lake, but when the water melted during the summers, the skeletons would surface. Many of these skeletons can still be spotted at the base of the lake.

Ever since the discovery several studies have been conducted and all that is known is that a strong hailstorm, with hails as big as a cricket balls must have lashed the place, killing most people present there at the time. Later, their bodies were washed away into the lake. What still remains unclear is why was such a big gathering of over 600 people present at the altitudes that still remain uninhabited.

All the mystery apart, the lake nestles in the one of the most picturesque locations in the Himalayas and is a beautiful tourist destination. It is located at the base of the two Himalayan peaks, the Trisul and Nandgungti.

Roopkund Lake - Location on Google SightSeeing
Roopkund Lake – Location on Google SightSeeing

Every 12 years an important festival takes place at the Roopkund Lake. Famous as the Nanda Devi Raj Jat festival, people from all nearby villages participate in the celebrations, and offer prayers at the lake.

The lake remains frozen for most part of the year, and yet the weather conditions in the region remain hostile throughout. The waters of the lake are shallow, and while most visitors enjoy its scenic location, there’s always a sense of menace looming around the valley and the lake.

Most visitors like to trek up to the lake. They travel via road up to Lohaganj or Wan. After reaching Rani Ki Dhar, the climb starts upwards on a hillock, passing through Bedni Bugyal, and reaching Kalu Vinayak, the last stop before Roopkund Lake.


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