The amazing natures portraits you see in Shimla


Sunset in Shimla

Shimla is a very special place for a host of reasons. But it is truly blessed for the natures gifts bestowed upon it.

Breathtaking sunset


I have lived here all my life, but there doesn’t go a day when the view of the sunset makes me gasp in wonder and astonishment.

Amazing view

The golden spread


You get to see all the hues from a painters color wheel. There a dainty pinks on some days, or a myriad of oranges on another. And the lovely yellows on some days. 

The hues of blue
The hues of blue

One can actually publish a book on sunsets in Shimla, and it is sure to be a best seller.

The earthy browns

Today I am sharing some of the sunsets that I have captured in the last month or so. They have been shot from Shimla and Tara Devi temple. The exuberance and the beauty were so overwhelming that I had to share it with all of you.

View from Tara Devi temple

The trees might vanish one day and the people might change over a period of time, but the sun, the horizon and the myriad of colours from Gods own palette will stay on forever.! Spare a few minutes from your busy lives, take a deep breath and enjoy..






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