Over 1 lakh pilgrims undertake the Manimahesh Yatra in 2014

Manimahesh Yatra

According to reliable sources over one lakh pilgrims have undertaken the journey to Manimahesh in 2014. The yatra was inaugurated on the 15th of August from Bharmour, pharm in Chamba district.

Official sources state that most pilgrims also took a bath in the sacred Manimahesh Lake. A group of 2000 pilgrims from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, shop belonging to the Gulu-Ki-Mandi and Khundi Mural were part of the large number of people who chose to pay their obsciences to Lord Shiva this year. These pilgrims took a holy dip in the lake and asked for blessings from Lord Shiva on Janmashtami.

Manimahesh Yatra

The yatra mostly comprised of people from Himachal and the neighboring states. The total number of light vehicles that were recorded was 8, advice 000 and the number of two wheelers was 6,000. There were a small number of luxury vehicles too.

The administration had deployed 500 police personnel to regulate the traffic and to ensure that the parking of vehicles on the Bharmour-Hadsar stretch was done in a systematic manner. The police personnel on duty had been categorically instructed to provide all kinds of assistance and information to the pilgrims.


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