The Seraj Region of Kullu and Mandi

Jalori Pass Seraj Region

Scattered wilderness, buy cialis meditative silence and the sheer raw beauty of the Seraj region quenches the travelers thirst for a quiet mountain holiday. The magic of this region is not just from its scenic landscape but the warmth – hospitality of the local people makes an equally memorable impression.

Just Seraj belongs to the Mandi District (Janjehli, order Chachyot, and ChailChowk) whereas Outer and Inner Seraj regions belong to the Kullu Valley. Culturally all these regions are all the same, its just they have different names.

Outer Seraj faces the Shimla hills and reaches out to touch the Sutlej River and the Inner Seraj turns towards Kullu. It can be reached either from Kullu or Shimla. The Jalori (3,135m) and the Bashleo (3,250m) passes stand as markers between the Inner and Outer Seraj. The region also encloses the Great Himalayan National Park – a treat for Himalayan flora and fauna watchers.

Himalayan brown & black bear, ghoral, bharal (blue sheep) ibex, varieties of pheasant’s monal, western tragopan, and even traces of the evasive snow leopard have been noticed in the National Park. Ideally suited for trekking and the walks can be easily tackled by anyone used to mountains. Jalori Pass does have a fair weather road, which closes in the winter.

GHNP Park Tirthan Valley
GHNP Park Tirthan Valley, Seraj!

The highway from Shimla, 64 Kms. away, gets you to Narkanda. Some of the finest views of the river valley and the Greater Himalayas can be seen from here. From Narkanda, the road winds down to the river and continues to Rampur, Kinnaur and the Spiti regions.

After descending into the valley, at Sainj a road branches to cross the river at Luhri to get to Ani. This place provides the access point to the Seraj from Shimla. Some of the beautiful spots in the area include Khanag, Jalori Pass, Shoja and Banjar. Khanag is a wide Himalayan meadow amidst thick forests and a bridle path wanders off to Takrasi and Paneo, beautiful spots with fine forest rest houses. The crest at Jalori offers views of the hills with forests abound with game. Shingar Rishi temple is located close by and at an altitude of 10,500 feet lays the jewel like Seolsar Lake both of which are worth trekking to.

Jalori Pass Seraj Region
Jalori Pass Seraj Region, Shimla Side View

Shoja, close to the Jalori Pass is a charming unspoilt location of exceptional beauty, the Raghupur fort and the Dugga Thatch, a lovely grassy meadow nearby are worth visiting. Banjar in the Thirtan valley houses an interesting group of temples.

Backpackers – trekkers can take the route over Bashleo Pass into Kurpan valley, and get to Nirmand after passing through Goshani, Bathad and (Kullu) Sarahan. There is a beautiful rest house with surrealistic surroundings at Saharan. Mountaineers can attempt to climb the 5,155m high Mt. Srikhand Mahadev Peak from here. The locals revere the peak and an annual pilgrimage is undertaken to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva, the presiding deity.

Nirmand is one of the largest Brahmin villages of Himachal. For centuries, it was known for its intellectual, cultural and artistic wealth. Wooden temples and Shikara style stone shrines dating back to the 11th century are scattered all round the village testifying its antiquity.

The glory of a mountain sunrise, glittering spider webs, paths wandering over hill and dale, hamlets with unique hill architecture, cultural events, rural festivities, warmth of the people in the Seraj region casts memories which a visitor will value for a lifetime. If you seek a touch of nature and dream of the lost paradise, then the freedom of nature’s pure surroundings of the Seraj region are ideal.


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  2. virgin tourism in seraj valley is yet to be tapped.
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